10 Things New Moms Need to Know

Ten things new moms need to know that I wish I had known.

    1. Baby didn’t read the parenting books. Why was I always so surprised by this? No, it’s more like they read them, then did the opposite.  “She’s not supposed to still be crying!” was a favorite at our house. You’re not doing something wrong. The book lied.
    2. Maternity Clothes…Still. It’s okay to still be wearing maternity clothes 10 months later. You just made a PERSON!
    3. A Mommy Mentor. A mommy mentor is someone who you can text in the middle of the night when your baby JUST WON’T SLEEP! It’s best if this person has a child who is a few years older than yours and doesn’t sugar coat.
    4. The Diaper Bag is your New PURSE. Remember this when selecting one and stay away from the luggage aisle. Find a small bag to fit inside it just for your stuff so you can grab it quickly. Also, bring an extra set of clothes for YOURSELF in the diaper bag. No one wants to do errands covered in spit up.
    5. Alarm to remind you to shower. Seriously. There is just never a good time to take a shower. A well-adjusted happy mama is worth everything. Take care of yourself.
    6. It will be OKAY. Seriously. Whatever issue you’re obsessing over. It will be OKAY. You are a good mom. Your faults will not define your parenting.
    7. Daddy is having a hard time adjusting too. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies on that side either. All of those hormones your body just spent 9 months creating are going to pour out of you in the next months. Cut him some slack.
    8. Fancy things don’t matter to a baby. All they need is love. Your baby will thrive in a hand-me-down just as well as a designer piece.
    9. Accept Help. It takes a village. Parenting is hard for everyone. Period.  How many times did I scream “It’s not supposed to be this hard!” You don’t get a prize for going it alone. You just get dehydrated and exhausted. I wish I had learned this sooner.
    10. You. Are. Not. Alone. If you’re thinking it, someone else has thought it too. If you’re unsure about it, someone else has already walked those steps too. Remember: most pictures on social media sites are the ONE calm moment in a mostly crazy day.